Dental Spa

AirFlow Dental Spa treatment is a pleasant and comfortable oral cleaning therapy using a combination of air, sodium bicarbonate or glycine powder and gentle jet stream of water to clean the surfaces of your teeth.

What is Dental Spa?

 Denta Spa Airflow is a Swiss innovative device that projects a controlled stream of air, warm water and fine, sweet powder onto the tooth and in hard-to-reach areas to remove food particles, plaque and stains.

The high-pressure water/air stream cleans your teeth much faster, efficiently and comfortably.

One of the benefits of the AIRFLOW® system is the water is heated to 40 degrees Celsius which has proven to be perfect for those with overly sensitive teeth, making the cleaning process so much more comfortable.

As well as removing stains, AIRFLOW® can be used for many different treatment types including cleaning orthodontic brackets, dentures and implants. The specially formulated powder formula removes stains with ease, all without damaging the soft tissue or implants.

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