General Dentistry

General dentistry offer preventive and restorative services such as x-rays, teeth cleanings, cavity fillings, and sealants.

Regular Check-up & X-ray / Pemeriksaan / 定期检查

Regular dental exams are a critical part of preventive health care.

During a dental exam, the dentist or hygienist will clean your teeth and check for cavities and gum disease. The exam includes evaluating your risk of developing toher oral problems and checking your face, neck and mouth for abnormalities. A dental exam might also include dental X-rays (radiographs) or other diagnostics procedures.

Tooth Colour Fillings / Penampalan Warna Gigi / 牙色填充物

A filling is a way to restore a decayed or fractured tooth back to its normal function and shape. Composite resin is the material of choice for tooth colored filling due to its high matching color/shade with existing tooth. However, composites may not be the ideal material for large fillings as they may chip or wear over time. They could also become stained from coffee, tea or tobacco over the years. Therefore, check in at our clinics today to see what’s the best dental filling for you.

Platinum is a mercury-free clinic (i.e, no silver fillings) where we advocate only mercury-free restorations should be done in this modern age.

Extraction /
Cabut Gigi / 拔牙

A dental extraction is the removal of teeth from its socket under local anesthesia. Extractions are performed due to various reasons, such as unrestorable tooth through tooth decay, gum disease, or dental trauma, especially when they are associated with toothache or dental infections.

Wisdom Tooth Management / Pengurusan Gigi Bongsu / 智齿管理

Wisdom tooth is a common name given to the third molar. An adult has a set of four wisdom teeth, one in each quadrant. This tooth is the last to erupt among your permanent set of teeth. The third molars can erupt between the ages of 17-25. It is possible for some adults to have less than four wisdom teeth, however, in some cases there may even be more.

It is widely known that more than 80% of Asian doesn’t have sufficient space for the eruption of wisdom tooth/ third molar. Hence early intervention can prevent further complications.

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