Smile Design And Veneers

We offer Digital Smile Design (DSD) and Veneers services

Smile Design / Transformasi Senyuman / 微笑换面

While some patients know exactly what they want to improve in their smile, others might not be fully satisfied with their smile but are not sure about how to improve them.

Good news for you! At Platinum Dental, we offer a service we call it: “Digital Smile Design/Makeover (DSD)”. The idea behind DSD is to improve the appearance of a patient’s smile through a custom combination of cosmetic dentistry procedures. DSD takes more than the appearance of the teeth into consideration. Our dentists will also consider factors like your face shape, lips and age when recommending the best course of treatment.

Dental Veneers / Pelapis Gigi / 牙贴面

Opted by most celebrities today, dental veneers offer the most convenient way of concealing most dental imperfection to give you a winning, stunning smile. Dental imperfections that can be hidden successfully with the help of veneers include shape, size and shade discrepancies.

Unlike dental implant surgeries, which are invasive procedures, and orthodontic correction (braces), which takes a considerable amount of time, veneers can give patients a complete smile makeover in a matter of two to three appointments only. Dental veneers are commonly known as laminates and are categorized as aesthetic or cosmetic dental procedures.

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